“Is Crowdfunding making the world better?”

Our website, InvestMySchool.com was developed on our behalf by a company based in the Ukraine called justcoded.com. They specialise in using their technical expertise and knowledge of FinTech to create powerful P2P lending systems, crowdfunding platforms, and other financial apps. We recently received an email from their CEO Konstantin Boyko where he discussed our crowdfunding platform and it made an interesting read: –

“Recently, I was contemplating how great crowdfunding/crowdlending is and how much easier we can fund a startup, implement an idea, and start earning money nowadays.

But have you ever realised the impact it has on the educational sector?

Once I was browsing through books at the store when a particular title caught my eye – “Three Cups of Tea” it was called.

I flipped through the pages and quickly decided to buy it as I was in a bit of a rush.

Only when I got home had I realised the amazing story the book told.

It was written by Greg Mortenson, a former nurse and mountain-climber, who decided to help kids in a remote village in Pakistan get an education.

Step by step, Greg started raising funds in the US to build schools in Karakoram mountains. The journey he went through and the obstacles he faced are very well depicted in his book.

That was from 1993 onwards.

You may be wondering is it related to crowdfunding?

I think if Greg Mortenson had a chance to set up an online crowdfunding campaign back in the day, he would have raised funds much faster.

Last month, our clients, Chris Rose and Michael Cordell, started investmyschool.com – a website that allows independent schools to get funding for their needs from parents, alumni, and the general public.

We took part in building the platform for them, and it’s very fulfilling to know that the project helps improve the education process and enhance conditions.

I’d like to share a case study where we’ve reviewed InvestMySchool: features available to fundraisers and investors, payment integrations, and some special functionality. With screenshots, of course 🙂

It’s not always about profit, and it warms my heart knowing that we did something useful — because our kids are our future.

Have a great day!