How do you get your fundraising request out to the school community?

You’ve got a plan for capital project, you’ve worked out how much you need and you’ve identified that a crowdfunded loan through InvestMySchool could help you raise the required amount. But how do you reach out to the parents, alumni and school community to let them know what you are planning? How do you make sure that the school community are behind the project? How do you communicate the details of the fundraising request that you are proposing?

Fundraising Request

InvestMySchool makes it simple for you. When you make your fundraising request, you are asked to give full details about the amount that you wish to raise, how long you will take to repay it, the interest rate offered to lenders and the security available. This information is clearly shown on the campaign project page created and hosted at Take a look at a sample campaign page here.

All the Details

During the application process you can also give a written description of the project, along with any photos or design plans and even a video if you have that. The project campaign page is created, and a unique link or URL is generated. This link is yours and can be sent to all prospective lenders via email, or shared on social media via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You could also link from your own school website straight to your campaign page.

Flyer or Handout

InvestMySchool will also create a two-sided A5 leaflet of your campaign that can be distributed electronically or printed and handed out to parents etc. School logos, project photos and campaign info can all be included giving as much detail as required. A sample of the sort of flyer that can be created is shown below.

Q&A Forum

Your campaign page has a place for potential lenders to communicate with you and ask questions about the project, the terms of the loan and the security offered. The Q&A forum section is a great place to have a conversation with your potential lenders and clarify any details about the project or to even get feedback about the project itself.

Alumni Relations

If you’re looking for help in engaging your parents, alumni and school community then take a look at our friends The Institute of Development Professionals in Education (IDPE). IDPE is the UK’s professional membership organisation helping schools to develop successful parental and alumni engagement and professional fundraising programmes. They provide a range of resources from seminars to mentoring to guidance notes. These are aimed at schools brand new to development through to schools with development programmes that have been established for over 20 years. There’s a wealth of information available through their website here.

Want to start a campaign?

Register here and get your campaign up and running! Got more questions? Check the FAQ’s here or contact Richard Wood on 01225 312388 or to discuss your requirements.


Sample A5 Flyer
Take a look at a sample A5 Flyer