STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Maths)

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by Heathfield Knoll School

Here at Heathfield Knoll School we have some exciting plans to continually develop the school and improve the education and facilities offered to your children. These can be viewed in our Strategic Development Plan. To fully reach our goals, we need your help. We've created this crowdfunding page to make it easy for you to contribute to our first target - raising £5000 to refurbish the existing art space to create a dedicated STEAM space.

1. What is STEAM?

A recent study on job growth and education requirements across the workforce through the year 2020 found that almost 5 million jobs will go unfilled because of skills gaps, particularly in the growing fields of healthcare and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths).

2. Why teach STEAM?

There is a danger that as a school we only teach our pupils to achieve ‘good jobs’ that exist today. We must also have an eye on the future and prepare our pupils for jobs that don’t yet exist. In short, there is a need to think about the teaching and learning of STEAM holistically.

We don't need every child to grow up to become a scientist, engineer, or designer, but we need everyone to grow up knowing how to think like one. With STEAM, we can really make sure that pupils are ready for many of the challenges they will face, and to be creators of the future rather than simply passive recipients of any changes.

3. How is STEAM taught at HKS?

At its core, STEAM teaching and learning is about exposing pupils, of all ages, to hands on learning that challenges them to think creatively and critically. It is important that the STEAM learning environment facilitates this and allows pupils to apply acquired knowledge, to test theories, critically analyse concepts and to further challenge their understanding.

Currently at HKS, STEAM is largely delivered through individual subjects – Science, Art and Maths. The intention is to create a STEAM learning space that facilitates a cross-phase and multi-disciplinary approach with hands-on learning at its core.

4. Where will STEAM be taught at HKS?

A new dedicated STEAM teaching space will be created in the upper floor of the Art coach house. This teaching environment will be multi-purpose and include resources and creative spaces for the successful delivery of STEAM. For example, electronics, (mobile) computing to include design applications, water modelling area, ‘messy’ experimental area, LEGO engineering sets and collaborative working areas. The close proximity to the Art department, proposed engineering workshop and recently cleared stable courtyard (for outdoor experiments / learning) will help.

5. Who will the new STEAM space benefit?

The STEAM space will be designed with the needs of all year groups in the main school (Reception to Year 11) and, in addition, there is the potential to accommodate Preschool pupils.

6. When will the STEAM space open?

The aim is to open up the STEAM space in the New Year. STEAM and our wider curriculum offer is embedded within our school development plan and strategic aims (see School Development plan for more information). Your support of the development will allow our vision to become a reality at the very earliest opportunity and ensure that pupils benefit from the learning resource this academic year.

How can you help?

We are asking if you, other parents, the wider school community and even local businesses, are able to make a donation towards this worthwhile project. Any contribution will help - however small, or large - and will be gratefully received. 

Thank you

On behalf of all our wonderful pupils and their amazing teachers who will benefit from your gift: thank you!  For those of you who can’t give financially but who have supported the school in so many other ways: thank you!

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